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Unlocking Value: How To Successfully Sell Your Audemars Piguet Watch in Today’s Market



The luxury watch market has witnessed an unprecedented surge in recent years. At the forefront of this renaissance is Audemars Piguet, a prestigious brand known for its unrivalled craftsmanship and avant-garde designs. 

For those fortunate enough to own one of these horological masterpieces, the current market conditions present an enticing opportunity. But how do you maximise the return on your investment?

Understanding the Value

Before even thinking about selling, it’s pivotal to understand the real value of your Audemars Piguet watch. Factors that contribute include:

  • Model and Series: Some Audemars Piguet models, like the Royal Oak or Royal Oak Offshore, have a more significant demand than others.
  • Condition: A well-maintained watch with minimal scratches and a functioning mechanism can fetch a premium.
  • Provenance: Watches with a documented history, especially if they have a unique story or previous famous owner, can be more valuable.
  • Original Packaging and Documentation: Keeping the original box, warranty card, and instruction manual can significantly boost your watch’s resale value.

Research the Market

Being in touch with the current market pulse is crucial. Prices can fluctuate based on various factors like global economic conditions, trends in the watch industry, or even specific events related to the Audemars Piguet brand. 

Utilising platforms that regularly update their pricing or provide insights into the latest market trends can be beneficial. The Watch Exchange London is one such platform where one can gauge the value of their timepiece.

Choosing the Right Platform

Once you’ve determined the value, it’s time to select the platform where you want to sell your Audemars Piguet watch. Here are some options:

  • Auction Houses: Renowned auction houses can be a good choice for rare or particularly valuable models. They have a broad base of collectors who are ready to pay a premium for the right piece.
  • Online Platforms: Websites dedicated to luxury watch trading can be efficient and far-reaching. They allow for listings to be seen by international buyers.
  • Local Dealers: Sometimes, a local watch dealer can offer a straightforward transaction. They might offer a slightly lower price in exchange for the convenience of an immediate sale.
  • Private Sale: Selling directly to another individual can maximise your profits, but it comes with the hassle of finding a trustworthy buyer and ensuring the safety of the transaction.

Presentation Matters

In the world of luxury watches, first impressions are everything. Before you list your Audemars Piguet, ensure that:

  • It’s Clean: A gentle cleaning using a soft cloth can make a big difference. For a deep clean or a polish, consider professional services.
  • High-Quality Photos: Invest in clear, high-resolution images that highlight the watch’s features and any unique details.
  • Detailed Description: A comprehensive description can instil confidence in potential buyers. Mention the model, year, any servicing done, and other pertinent details.

Safety First

Whether you’re dealing with a local buyer or an international collector, ensuring the safety of both the transaction and the watch is paramount. If dealing in person, choose public places and consider using a secure payment method. When shipping the watch, use insured and traceable services.


Selling your Audemars Piguet watch in today’s vibrant market is both an exciting venture and a significant financial decision. With the right research, presentation, and platform, you can unlock its true value. 

Always remember, the luxury watch market is as much about passion as it is about precision. Honouring that spirit can go a long way in ensuring a successful sale.

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