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Know Details About George Strait Net Worth And How He Earns His Moolah!




If you are a millennial and thought Taylor Swift crooning ‘Darling, I’m a Nightmare, dressed like a Daydream’ was the best of country music – its time you go back to the 1970s and 80s era of this genre and decode the ‘King of Country Music’ George Harvey Strait’s playlist! With 60#1 singles to his name, along with a tequila brand and a spot in the Country Music Hall Of Fame – he’s picked up a massive fortune of $300 million in all these years. Here’s decoding ‘King Of Country Music’ George Strait net worth for one and all.

Before you jump in – let’s tell you he’s not just someone who brought back the ‘traditional tunes’ of country music but also introduced the cowboy look and the neo-traditionalist movement into this music domain. So, all of you who associate this typical Nashville style with country music – it’s time you delve deep into the man!

What is George Strait net worth?

George Strait net worth (1)

Image Credit: NPR

Compiled from multiple sources and according to the statistics provided by Money Inc. – Strait’s net worth is supposedly between $300-345 million (inflation included). This indeed makes him one of the richest country singers. George’s sources of earnings are from his music albums (sales, concerts, music streams, tours, EP, royalties, performances) as well as from brand endorsements, merchandise sales, his properties, shareholding profit in a Texas Hill Country Resort and his tequila brand Codigo 1530.

What are his primary sources of income?

The American country singer who climbed the stairs of success with his 1981 single ‘Unwound’ (one of the top ten in the list of Hot Country Music) has been credited with bringing back the neotraditionalist formats of music in the country music domain – which back in the 1970s and 80s was more inclined towards pop music. Since then, the Texas troubadour hasn’t looked back, and without a doubt, he, in all these years, has amassed a huge fortune. So, let’s check out those factors that have contributed to this staggering George Strait net worth of $300 million.

His music albums

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Image Credit: YouTube

His electrifying music has captivated the hearts of millions since 1980s. With more than 120 million records sold globally and 13 multi-platinum albums, 28 gold albums, and 33 platinum feats – he is a star who mesmerizes one and all. With countless hits such as – I Just Want To Dance With You, All My Ex’s Live In Texas, Run, The Chair, Carrying Your Love With Me, and others – he has earned millions from his songs.

To date, his best-selling album was Pure Country which amassed a record number of sales of 6.1 million. His lead single – I Saw God Today ranked at 19 on Radio and Records of the Billboards Chart. His Troubadour sold 160,000 copies in the initial week itself, permanently cementing his position as the ultimate king and also bringing home the Grammy. Apart from that, all his songs have been superhits and have raked in good money in the years to go by!


Sales from his tours and music streamings

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Image Credit: Rolling Stone

As far as his music streaming is concerned, it is a well-known fact that he is one of the most streamed musicians on Spotify(6,740,336 monthly listeners). Assuming the portal pays the artist $3 for every thousand listeners, he approximately earns somewhere around $20,000 (last checked). Also, in regard to his touring, in 2020, he became one of the 16 stars who held the record of over 10 million of his concert tickets being sold. A data from 2014 showed that his Cowboy Rides Away tour earned him a massive $18 million, implying his high ticket sales, which garnered him an ample amount.

Recently in RodeoHouston(held in 2022), he entertained a crowd of 80,000. You can also purchase his songs via Amazon Music.

Merchandise sales

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Image Credit: eBay

As you may have seen previously that Strait is not just an accomplished singer but also has a huge income from multiple domains. Taking that concept ahead, let’s give you an insight into his profits from the sale of merchandise that is stamped with his name. His online website sells hoodies, ball caps, tank tops, beanies, and T-shirts. For the unversed – if you want a customized T-shirt(get it for $17.50) or a hoodie – specific George Strait zip-up hoodie($60).

Brand endorsements

The money accumulated from brand endorsements has a huge role to play in escalating the figures of George Strait net worth. He has been the face of Wrangler Jeans, Resistol(brand-making cowboy hats – he brought that back into the trend), Garia(luxury golf cars), and Justin Boots, to name a few! The fact that he has been the face of so many products has not only increased their popularity but also pushed forth his professional worth.

Role as a shareholder

Though the exact amount is unavailable, Strait owns shares of a Texas-based resort that supposedly yields him a handsome fortune.

Earnings from his tequila brand

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Image Credit: Billboard

He invested his money in the tequila brand Codigo 1530, inspired by its unique taste. Last checked – though specifics are not available, it has been a profitable venture and is earning due returns, which invariably gets added to his total net worth.

Growth of George Strait net worth over the years

Net worth 2023 $300 – 310 million
Net worth 2022 $280 million
Net worth 2021 $250 million
Net worth 2020 $220 million
Net worth 2019 $200 million
Net worth 2018 $180 million

Is there any information regarding investment?

As mentioned before – George Strait has invested a chunk of his total professional worth in an 8,000-square-foot mansion in San Antonio. It was listed at $6.9 million (no updates since then).


Apart from that, as previously mentioned – he owns stakes in a Texas Hill Resort and has recently launched his own tequila brand, Codigo 1530.

His philanthropic contributions

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Image Credit: Military Warriors Support Foundation

George Strait has always been the man who has believed in focussing on one’s abilities and giving out to one and all. In that quest to help people – you must have heard how he recently, in a show of solidarity towards American military personnel (since he himself had served in the army beforehand) presented a US military personnel with a mortgage-free home (a life-changing gift in tune with Military Warriors Support Foundation).

Previously, Strait, via his George Strait Foundation, has helped donate close to 105 homes to war veterans and Gold Star Families for over 11 years in about 20 states.

Apart from this, a chunk of George Strait net worth has also been donated to the relief work during Hurricane Harvey (2018) in accordance with the Texas Governor. In fact, he was massively recognized during this fundraising event, and he was named the Texan of 2018 by the Texas Legislative Conference.

That’s not all! He is the spokesperson for National Patriot Program and has helped countless people by setting up the Jenifer Lynn Strait Memorial Foundation in honor of his daughter, whom he lost.

A look- back at his early life

In more than a single interview, he has stated the role of his family in amassing this fortune. Born in Texas to John Byron Strait and Doris Jean Couser – from childhood, after his parents divorced, he developed a keen interest in music and started his career early – at times at his school functions or on any occasion that he could find.

Throughout his struggles, if there was anyone who was standing beside him like a rock, it was his then-sweetheart and current wife – Norma Strait. The couple has been going strong for over five decades now since their wedding in 1971 and has been blessed with a son and a daughter (George Bubba Strait Jr, Jenifer Strait).

Though their daughter passed away in an unfortunate accident, however, they had a blessed life with their son, and currently, they are grandparents to Bubba’s kid. The couple, one of the most revered in tinsel town, has managed to hold on to each other amidst all their fears and heartbreaks – giving people a solid learning in partnerships.

Final Thoughts

Amassing a fortune near the equivalent of George Strait net worth is no small task. The patriot and the ultimate monarch of country music have not only earned millions (both in cash and heart count) but also has cemented the position of traditional country music in the hearts of music lovers like no other. So, every time you croon to Carrying Your Love With Me, you will remember his masterpieces.

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What is George Strait full name?

His full name is – George Harvey Strait Sr.

When and where was he born?

He was born on May 18, 1952, in Poteet, Texas, USA.

What is his wife’s name?

His wife’s name is Norma Strait.

Did he receive a Grammy Award?

He received the Grammy Award in 2009 for his Country Album that was touted to be the best – Troubadour.

What is his net worth?

George Strait net worth is touted to be between $300-$345 million (as per last updated statistics).



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