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Goodwill Breeza Review



Goodwill Breeza Review

I planned to uproot my family and relocate to a better area, ideally, one with more options for our quality of life, so that we could pick and choose what we liked most. After studying the matter for much time and effort, I determined that the building was a Goodwill Breeza. Ultimately, I settled on moving here since I was pleased with the available outlets and amenities. In other words, I’m happy that this spot has both of those qualities. Prices for apartments in the Goodwill Breeza development start at 53.93 Lacs and go up to 76.86 Lacs; purchasers may choose between units with 1 or 2 bedrooms.

How did I discover the Goodwill Breeza Project?

Before I could go to Pune alone, I had to convince my father it was a good idea. Because of this, he consulted all of his Pune-based relatives and acquaintances to find a welcoming area for me to set up shop. Until he learned that my aunt had settled here, he looked everywhere. 

She informed me that she already lived there and that I should consider moving there since it had everything I could possibly want or need, including the safety and convenience that are paramount to me. She also let me know that she was an existing building resident.

Goodwill Breeza Price and Amenities That I Adore

With the money you have at your disposal, you may be able to buy a spectacular home in an area with breathtakingly beautiful green scenery and vast open expanses of land. Keep in mind that this is an option if you’re interested. This is one of the most peaceful places you can go in exchange for money because of how well all these factors work together. Depending on the unit, the price of one of these apartments might be anywhere from 53.93 Lacs to 76.86 Lacs. The following are some of the amenities that will be available:

  • Accessibility and connection are guaranteed at all times thanks to the well-lit streets, internal roads, elevators, and intercom facility.
  • Gated communities and locked parking with surveillance cameras are two examples of safety features.
  • Thanks to the area’s combined Open Space for leisure, community centres, and manicured gardens with trees, you may have a fulfilling social life.
  • Protecting against power outages and fires, respectively, will be an electrical metre room, a specialized substation equipped with an energy management system, and a fire suppression system.
  • The Sewage Treatment Plant, Storm Water Drains, and Solid Waste Management and Disposal will resolve your waste problems.
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3 reasons to purchase property at Goodwill Breeza

  1. Location advantages 

It provides an easy way to go to the three spots widely considered the most important. Some advantages that may be gained due to its position are as follows, in the order in which they are listed:

  • The Goodwill Breeza Pune is situated in a prime location, providing easy access to the city’s must-see landmarks. Some of these locations are the Phoenix Market City, Symbiosis, Commerzone IT Park, Kalyani Nagar, Koregaon Park, Pune Station, EON IT Park, M.G. Road, MIT (Alandi), and Chakan MIDC.
  • Three different train stations within a 7-kilometre radius – Khadki, Dapodi, and Pune.
  • Two train stations are within 8 kilometres of each other: Shivaji Nagar and Hadapsar.
  1. Impressive Amenities at Goodwill Breeza

My family and I were overjoyed with the residential units because of their great construction, well-thought-out floor layouts, good ventilation, and stunning design inspired by beautiful aesthetics. The apartment complex is situated in a region with easy access to various services and facilities. The apartment building is aesthetically pleasing and functionally efficient, with well-planned layouts in each unit. 

  1. Reputed builder 

Choice Group is among the most well-known property development companies in Pune. It has completed over 24 projects and has a decades-old knowledge base. The company has served over a thousand satisfied clients, and everything they’ve made is legal.

Dhanori is one of the fastest-growing localities in Pune and today I feel proud and happy that I have a home of my own in the Goodwill Breeza residential complex! My house hunting process was easy and seamless thanks to the verified property listings that I found on If you are also searching for properties in Pune, you must check NoBroker’s property listings before you head to the project sites. 

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