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Sonny Barger Net Worth 2023: The Outlaw Biker Left Behind $500K!



Sonny Barger net worth

It has been over a year since the famous biker Sonny Barger (from the Hells Angel), who was the guest star for Sons Of Anarchy, died. Yet, his mentions and references seem to be unending! People are still interested in this man – who turned a motorcycle club into a global brand. Hence, the queries about Sonny Barger net worth, his legacy, and the rumors around his death seem unending. For starters, he died a happy man worth $500 thousand (according to his publicists), and his club members still celebrate his feats. 

When you scroll down this article, you will get further information regarding his sources of income and some details about how he made his motorcycle club a legacy. Here’s the details for you – 

What is Sonny Barger net worth? 

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Image Credit: USA Today

From what has been revealed by his publicists as well as members of his family – at the time of his death, his professional value was stacked at $500 thousand. The US-based outlaw biker, who had performed a host of classic bike stunts and who is also credited with a couple of videotapes, was one of the richest among his gang members. 

In the upcoming sections, you will get an idea about the sources of his income and details about his investments. 

How did he garner this money? 

Given that he was an outlaw biker, that was his primary source of income. However, we will look into some other sources as well – 

His earnings from biking 

Sonny Barger net worth (3)

Image Credit: NBC News

One of the globally reckoned outlaw bikers who created the Oakland chapter of Hells Angels (a previously existing bike club) – a significant amount of Sonny Barger net worth was accrued from their bike races. Though the actual amount is not mentioned anywhere, one cannot deny that these races bring in some huge money as part of the bets and race prizes. 

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He was also the brain behind globalizing this bike gang, which was part of a very small domain. He had joined the Oakland Panthers in 1956 and since then had been working towards popularising the bike gang. Barger, along with his close friends, started the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, which supposedly is one of its kind in the world. As stated before, this club and Barger himself were part of many bike expeditions, most of which included hefty amounts. But no financial details have been revealed. 

He was also an actor/writer 

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Image Credit: Everett Collection

Apart from being an avid biker, Sonny Barger was also part of multiple cine projects and books (some of which he co-wrote or gave excerpts in). His autobiography he co-wrote with Kent and Keith Zimmerman – Hell’s Angel: The Life and Times of Sonny Barger and the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club was an immediate bestseller. Invariably, the book sold hugely, and its net proceeds increased Sonny Barger net worth – but no financial details emerged. 

Apart from that, he also worked to promote bike safety in his work – Let’s Ride: Sonny Barger’s Guide To Motorcycling (co-authored with Darwin Holmstrom). 

In terms of acting, he briefly appeared in Hells Angels on Wheels (1967 film), Gimme Shelter (a documentary), and Sons of Anarchy. However, in neither of the above-mentioned cases there has been a revelation regarding his fees for the appearances.

He had a production house under his name

Sonny Barger had also invested a significant amount in his production house – Sonny Barger Productions, along with his lawyer Friz Clapp, in order to whitewash his image (he was mired in a host of personal controversies). However, no financial details regarding the investment in this production house or the profits generated from the same are available to the public. Yet, one can fairly assume that a lumpsum amount was associated with this media platform. 

Did he invest in real estate? 

He supposedly lived in Phoenix, Arizona – at the time of his death. Though there is no specific news available, one may surely state that he lived in his own house. No further detail is available about the same. Apart from this, there was no news of him owning any real estate. 

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How many cars does he own? 

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Image Credit: AP Images

Not much of a fan of beasts, Barger did have a collection of bikes that included a Victory, Honda ST1100, and a BMW. Given the brands, it is a well-known fact that a significant amount of Sonny Barger net worth was invested in these bikes (he faced a huge loss when his rival gang stole his bike). 

A quick look into his life

Here’s quickly glimpsing through his personal life – 

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Image Credit: Washington Post

Full name  Ralph Hubert “Sonny Barger” Jr
Parents  Ralph Hubert Barger (Dutch and German ancestry) and Kathryn Carmella (Italian ancestry)
Place of birth – and growing up  Modesto, California


Wives and children  He was married 4 times. 

  1. Elsie Mae (passed away from blood embolism)
  2. Sharon Gruhlke (divorce)
  3. Beth Noel (domestic violence allegations – divorce) 
  4. Zorana (married to till death) 

He has no biological children, but has a step daughter Sarrah from stepwife Beth Noel. 

Health issue  He smoked 3 packets of Camel cigarettes for 30 years. 

First diagnosed with laryngeal cancer (vocal cords removed)

Later diagnosed with prostrate cancer. 

Finally passed away with liver cancer. 

Did he participate in any charitable venture? 

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Image Credit: Scott Olson (Getty Images)

Though he liked to keep away from mainstream society, he did actively participate in charitable bike rides. He and his team donated the proceeds to multiple organizations, details of which have been kept under wraps. 

Last words 

Assuming you have been reading this content well, you already have an idea about Sonny Barger net worth and how he had managed to garner this moolah. There is something else as well that is worth noting about this man – the fact that he had been convicted and sent to jail had not been able to dim his hope of living an eventful life. He did manage to carve out a path for himself and globalized a local motorcycle club – thereby cementing his name among ‘the men in the world.’ Thus, he truly was a man who knew how to turn the tables and ensure the best even in the face of the worst. He was truly an inspiring individual.

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1. What is Sonny Barger net worth? 

His professional value amounted to $500 thousand. 

2. Did he serve in the military?

His service time in the military is marred by controversies. He joined the army in 1955 at the age of 16. But he was discharged 14 months later when his superiors found that he had forged his birth certificate. 

3. Why did he appear on Sons of Anarchy? 

He appeared as a guest on Sons of Anarchy, since the show was loosely based on Hells Angels, the motorcycle club he was part of. 

4. What was his cause of death? 

As per the news released by his family, he died of liver cancer. 

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