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Top 10 Places To Visit In The World (2020 Rated)



Top 10 Places To Visit In The World

Top 10 Places To Visit In The World

Are you preparing your travel bucket list?

Before that, you’ve got to know the top 10 places to visit in the world.

There are numerous places to visit, but in this article, few will be discussed.

However, those sites are the iconic cities, historical sites, museums and galleries & beautiful places on earth that have been attraction higher numbers of tourists.

Let’s discuss these top 10 places to visit in the world.

1. Paris, France – The city of lights

Top 10 Places To Visit In The World

This is one of the iconic city that always top the travel bucket lists of the majority of tourists or travellers.

According to stats published in Wikipedia, France maintains the first position of the countries that attract higher numbers of tourists.

Not only does it attract travellers, but it also had a lot of worthy tourist sites to visit.

Some of the cities are the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Arc de Triomphe & the rest goes on.

2. Barcelona, Spain – The Paris of Spain

Top 10 Places To Visit In The World

Barcelona is the second-largest city in Spain. It has a resemblance with the French Atmosphere.

Barcelona is best known for the famous Nou stadium & the Barça football team.

Barcelona maintains the main tourist attractions in Spain.

In it are;

  • Basilica de la Sagrada Familia,
  • Barri Gòtic (Gothic Quarter),
  • Casa Mila (La Pedrera) and others which are the top-rated tourist attractions in Barcelona, Spain.

Another place you may visit in Spain is Ibiza one of the most beautiful Spanish Islands.

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3. New York, USA – The Big Apple

Top 10 Places To Visit In The World

The slogan “I Love NY” was created to attract tourism to the state.

Also, it has many names like Gotham, the City that Never Sleeps, less humble “Centre of the Universe.

Without discussing much on New York, you already knew how iconic is the city of New York & its significance to a tourist or travellers.

The tourist attractions in New York are the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Metropolitan Museum of Art & others.

New York goes along with other states in the USA where travellers visit.

It’s the top-visited places in the world by travellers, tourists, researchers, and many others.

4. Beijing, China

Top 10 Places To Visit In The World

Beijing is the capital city of China and the most popular city in China.

China also maintains the 4th position in the most visited countries in the world.

It’s also recommended as it always tops the list of travellers as the places to visit in the world.

China bear “come and you’ll never be able to leave” as their tourism slogan.

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The city is home to Tiananmen Square, the great wall of China, the Forbidden City, the National Museum of China, as well as the Old and New Summer Palaces.

These and other attractions in Beijing & other cities in China are perfect for observing Chinese gardens, ancient architecture and Chinese culture from a range of periods in the country’s long history.

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5. Rome, Italy – Roma Invicta (Unconquered Rome)

Top 10 Places To Visit In The World

Rome in Italy is one of the great city in Italy, the capital of Italy and it’s a city where you as a traveller, will always discover something new each time you stroll the scenic streets.

It’s also famous for the historical events that have taken place there.

It was the centre of the Roman empire that had ruled Europe for many years.

The Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine, Vatican City, Roman Forum, The Pantheon & the rest are the top sites that attract tourism.

Those great ancient cities have been the reason why travellers do visit Rome, Italy.

6. Turkey

Top 10 Places To Visit In The World

Turkey is a country situated around eastern Europe and western Asia.

They have cultural similarities with the ancient Greek, Romans, Byzantine, Persian.

Turkey is well known for its wide variety of places from beaches to big mountains.

Turkey is also famous for its two cities, Istanbul & Ankara.

These two cities are always the place that appears in the most travellers bucket list.

The Aya Sophia (Hagia Sophia) is renowned for one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, this Byzantine glory of the Aya Sofya Museum (Hagia Sophia) can spellbind you, but it’s not only one of the top things to do in Istanbul, but also in Turkey.

Other famous places in Turkey are Ephesus, Cappadocia, Topkapi Palace, and Aspendos, which is one of the ancient Roman theatres. It’s an ancient civilized theatre.

It’s also famous for its shocking site “Pamukkale”. A notable natural wonder in the world.

7. Mexico – United Mexican States

Top 10 Places To Visit In The World

Mexico, with the official name “Estados Unidos Mexicanos (United Mexican States)” is a southern America country.

Mexico is positioned at the 7th top tourism attraction country in the world.

Mexico is the second most visited place in the American continent, Preceded by the USA.

Mexico is renowned for its virgin beaches, white sands & beautiful coastal resorts.

Also, it’s the most populous Spanish-speaking country in the world.

Some famous beaches in Mexico are;

  • Cancún and the Mayan Riviera
  • Cabo San Lucas
  • Puerto Vallarta
  • Los Cabos Corridor

It also has this iconic city “Guanajuato” and other historical sites like Mexico City’s Historical Center, including other famous places to visit in Mexico.

8. Germany

Top 10 Places To Visit In The World

This is a country located in the heart of Europe.

It’s the eighth-most visited place in the world by tourists.

It has a rich history, Arts, cultures & natural beauty which attract tourists and other sites & cities.

It’s capital Berlin, have great museums galleries, and it’s the cultural heart of Germany.

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It has many tourist attractions places like;

  • Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate
  • Berlin Wall Memorial
  • The Rebuilt Reichstag
  • Berliner Fernsehturm: Berlin’s Television Tower
  • Jewish Museum Berlin
  • Museum Island

Museum Island is one of the most attractive tourist places in Germany.

It’s Spree Island but popularly known as Museum Island.

It’s the UNESCO World Heritage Site. In it are, old & most prestigious museums, including the Altes Museum.

Also, the rebuilt Neues Museum that was destroyed during World War II.

It has extensive collections of classic antique, the papyrus & Egyptian museums.

Germany has a lot of sites to visit. Most of these are sites with rich histories, cultures.

Germany is a better-recommended place to visit in the world for Historians, Archaeologist, Sociologist & others.

9. Thailand – Land of Smiles

Top 10 Places To Visit In The World

Thailand is an Asian country located in the southern part.

This is a country known for opulent royal palaces, tropical beaches, ancient ruins, martial arts, foodies & restaurant and ornate temples displaying figures of Buddha.

Thailand is so famous for world travellers.

It’s the 9th most visited place in the world.

The top-rated tourist attractions in Thailand are;

  • Railay Beach
  • The Grand Palace, Bangkok
  • Sunday Walking Street, Chiang Mai
  • Koh Phi Phi
  • Pai
  • Bangkok & Chiang Mai are nimble hives of activity and commerce.

10. UK – United Kingdom

Top 10 Places To Visit In The World

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are the countries that made up this Island Nation called “UK”.

It’s a European political entity.

The capital of England “London” is chosen as the capital of the UK.

London is the most known city in Europe as a whole.

Also, the most known English-speaking city in the world.

The UK has best places to visit, including everything from castles and beautifully preserved country estates, universities, to its many world-class art galleries and museums.

This is the tenth most visit place in the world. It has a rich cultural heritage & with diverse.

London: The UK’s All-in-One Destination
This is one of the most known & popular cities in the world.

This city has much to say about from its history, politics, culture, great sites including the royal family.

Its history stretches back to Romans era.

It has the iconic ‘Big Ben’ clock tower and Westminster Abbey.

Other amazing cities to visit in the UK are Edinburgh (Scotland’s Capital), Ancient Stonehenge and Medieval Salisbury, Roman-era Bath, Wonderful Winsor, Medieval York and its Minster, Liverpool & Manchester, The University Towns of Cambridge & Oxford other cities to visit.


These top 10 places to visit in the world is discussed base on the ten most tourist attractions countries in the world.

Everyone has its reason & category to set up his travel bucket list.

Not everyone travels to places because of the popularity of the place in the world but for several & unique reason.

There are some necessary things to know before travelling to foreign countries.

It’s highly recommended to know what to avoid than knowing the pleasure you can enjoy there.

Beware of what the country tolerate & do not tolerate.

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