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Useful information on buying a house and other property in UK



Before making any important decision in our life, we always answer the questions that, in our opinion, determine the correctness of the choice. People planning the process of buying real estate tend to make complex, sometimes ill-considered, emotional decisions without thinking about the future consequences, but more often we still want to find logical and rational solutions when solving problems with finding and buying the desired real estate. Buying real estate is no exception. Should you determine what your interest is when choosing real estate? 

Each situation has many characteristics because, for example, the processes of buying property in the USA and in the UK are different. In the UK are different taxes which you need to collect in the short term, and you may have to pay capital gains tax of 18-28% if you sell the property. Renting allows newcomers to explore different areas and make good deals immediately.

Can foreigners buy a house in the UK?

Non-residential (commercial) property and property income are subject to the same tax as UK residents. Investment loans are available from banks or mortgage brokers for non-UK residents who need help financing a purchase. International banks such as HSBC also offer lending services. It is also possible to get an international mortgage on an existing property, but this may have tax implications. The lender’s processing fee for buying real estate in the UK also depends directly on the lender itself but may include a mortgage booking fee and a processing or closing fee.

UK support scheme

The most common and advertised rental in the UK is the rental of small properties. Small apartments are especially in demand. Prices for such apartments are unstable and usually fluctuate. Various key factors influence these price changes. However, the location is crucial. When prices change, so will the rental income tax. The maximum amount you can pay is 40%. Renting real estate in Great Britain for any period is one of the simplest and most effective processes in business. 

You will consider all possible real estate options that are currently available on the market and establish the terms of cooperation. Then calculate all the additional costs. The second step is the selection of experts who will check the correctness of all available real estate objects. The real estate agent prepares all the documents and checks the legality of the legal contract. Immediately after signing the legal cooperation agreement, the buyer pays the real estate agency a certain amount in cash. This covers additional costs associated with the creation of documents and is included in the additional costs. All other payments are non-cash. 

The buyer and seller conclude a temporary contract in the presence of a lawyer. This includes the contact addresses and telephone numbers of contractual partners. This contract includes detailed information about the subject and type of real estate being purchased. After signing the temporary contract, the main legal contract is created. Both parties then exchange signed contracts. Then the buyer pays the full amount and all necessary taxes. The commission includes estate agency services, property valuers services, other fees, and stamp duty. After completing the agreement and signing the contract, the buyer submits documents for registration in the cadastre. Great Britain is an economically stable country. Everyone in the UK is protected by law against fraud. UK property is safe and affordable for anyone willing to invest in this fast-growing industry.

A painstaking search for the right property in the UK that fits your budget and your search criteria

Property for sale in the UK is most commonly advertised through estate agents and their websites, online property websites, and numerous newspaper adverts. You can also find properties for sale by searching real estate auctions or specific neighborhoods, looking for “For Sale” signs near properties, and contacting real estate agents whose homes are listed. An internet search will bring up many property websites that offer a variety of options for affordable properties in the UK. In case you want to buy a house in the UK, you can also customize the property search details according to the criteria you need (price, location, total area, condition). 

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A qualified real estate agent provides efficient services in quickly finding various affordable housing options. They tailor their search to your requirements, have in-depth knowledge of the area, and often offer a large selection of available real estate listings. When buying a home in the UK through an estate agent, it is important to check what is included in the services that they provide. Many estate agents in the UK offer mortgage settlement services to make the process quick and easy, but you should look for these services according to your situation and your final purchase budget. A brokerage fee is usually charged to the seller, which means you pay for a general service when you buy. You don’t have to, but you may be billed for additional services so you can see the possible costs. There are many real estate agents across the country, you can choose a specific real estate agent according to your specific needs. Finding the right estate agent requires a bit of market research as they are usually local teams working in a specific area or region.

An important point is a careful review of the various available real estate objects and the selection of properties that the desired real estate for purchase should possess

The inspection can be done directly by the seller or through a real estate agency. Viewings are by appointment only, if you are using the services of an estate agent you will normally need to meet at your residence or agent’s office. Make a list of things to check and questions to ask to get the most out of your review. It is best to visit real estate at different times of the day (day and night). Some real estate agents offer online remote viewing. This is useful for people who are abroad or have a busy schedule. 

Notaries play a key role in making valid legal contracts, as they agree all the documents and allow the transfer of ownership of the property by signing the documents by both parties who have agreed to all the terms of the purchase/sale. 

To conclude a sales contract, the seller must prepare a certain number of mandatory documents. In this way, the seller confirms ownership of the real estate and increases confidence in the transaction. First of all, pay attention to the personal documents that the owner must have. Buying real estate is a serious financial transaction that causes a lot of fear and anxiety. The cost of an apartment in a new dream house often comes to the mind of potential buyers. Some people think: “such an amount is a burden for me.” In fact, it is quite possible to buy an apartment in Great Britain, especially in a new building, so a limited budget is not a reason to refuse a quality living environment. In order to profitably buy an apartment in a new residential complex, you should consider a variety of key factors that affect the increase or decrease in price.

Spring and autumn are periods when the real estate market is most active. As a rule, the demand increases, the progress of construction to the completion of the object accelerates, and the prices rise steadily. Summer is a time of year when the demand for new types of real estate drops significantly. Buyers go, spend time on vacation, the issue of housing is postponed until the beginning of the autumn season. During the summer period, there are significantly fewer potential customers to buy a new home in Great Britain. It all depends on the demand for one or another residential complex. 

In the event that the concepts, infrastructure and living scenarios meet the expectations of a large number of buyers, the demand and hype for the property will be significant. The price of an apartment is directly influenced by the location and quality characteristics of the residential complex: form, concept, content of the infrastructure and the cost in which the developer invests every centimeter of the apartment layout. When choosing where to live, your key guide should be the location of the property, the available urban infrastructure, not the price.

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The process of buying a house in the UK

In general, the process of buying a house in the UK usually takes 2-3 months. This period can be even longer if you have a large number of criteria that the property must meet. It will also save you unnecessary time delays after your offer is accepted or when you need to act quickly to ensure that you buy the perfect home that fully meets all of your needs and budget. This is an important step when looking for real estate. Once your finances are in place, you can make an offer on a property in the UK. This can be done verbally, in writing through a real estate agency, or directly with the seller. The offer is legally valid only after signing the contract. You can bid below or above the auction price. Consider how long the property has been on the market. Consider talking to a real estate agent about the final cost of specific options that appeal to you. Property in the UK often sells for less.

Mortgage offer and approval process

Review the price and negotiate the price in the context of new information if any problems are identified with the property. Mortgage lenders have seven days to accept a mortgage offer. You can cancel the mortgage after it’s signed, but you’ll lose any mortgage advances. When all goes well, you will receive a contract from the seller’s agent and sign it to complete the property sale process. Carefully read the content of the legal contract and, if necessary, request the changes you need. The contract should contain all the important details such as price, and terms of sale. After the successful signing of the legal contract, the purchase price is transferred from the agent’s account and the bank account to the account of the real estate seller’s agent. At this point, you will receive the keys to your new home. You must pay mortgage fees and notary fees. The legal representative must register the sale at the Land Registry and pay the stamp duty (this fee is usually added to the legal representative’s bill).

Obtaining insurance

When taking out a mortgage or buying real estate for rent, the property can be damaged by fire, flooding, etc. You can get home insurance to protect your possessions, furniture, and other valuables. Many insurance companies offer combined home insurance that covers both the building and all of its contents. When you move, you can arrange to have all essential infrastructure services connected, such as electricity, water, and gas. If they are already connected, you can pay them on your behalf. With many comparison sites operating in the UK, choosing a new electricity or internet supplier is relatively easy. The same goes for TV, internet, and landlines, many providers offer packages that include all services together, so it’s often easier and cheaper to stick with your existing package. All UK residents are required to pay council tax on their own or rented accommodation. When you move, notify your local authority. You will be sent an invoice with the fee for the appropriate period. The price is tied to the value of your property with a 25% discount for single people. There are many ways to purchase real estate. The key point is to correctly and consciously choose an investment real estate object for its development. Before buying real estate, study the reputation of the developer’s company and find information about the portfolio of realized objects.


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