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Where To Watch Beautiful Boy on OTT



Beautiful Boy

Beautiful Boy should be on your watchlist if you are a fan of movies with the essence of life to make you feel different emotions vibrantly. This movie will make you feel the pain of depression & addiction with the glory of coming over them successfully. Through this blog, we will tell you where to watch beautiful boy on the internet & experience the incredible emotions it triggers.

Why you should watch Beautiful Boy

Before answering where to watch beautiful boy, you should know a little about the movie’s background to develop an interest. Launched in 2018, Beautiful Boy is a movie that depicts the story of a boy Nic Sheff portrayed by Timothée Chalamet & his father, David, illustrated by Steve Carrell. This movie is filled with extreme emotions of pain, suffering, remorse, and triumph.

It depicts how bonds between a family should be nurtured & cared for over time to strengthen them. The Beautiful Boy is a story of a young man falling into the trap of drugs & unable to get out. He started to get a break from his depression but later became addicted. His father helps him ingest his addiction, strengthening their relationship. After knowing this short intro of the movie, it must have piqued your curiosity & you must be wondering where to watch beautiful boy on the Internet. Stay tuned for answers.

Where To Watch Beautiful Boy

Where to watch beautiful boy

There are two ways through which you can stream Beautiful Boy online. You can buy the movie on various digital media platforms or purchase a membership of the OTT platform it is streaming on. We will discuss both methods one by one in this blog:

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Buying the membership of the OTT platform:

You can watch The Beautiful Boy on Amazon Prime. This movie is one of the Amazon Prime original movies, and it is available in very high quality with different language audio & captions on Amazon Prime. All you have to do is buy a membership, and you will get more benefits. Along with Beautiful Boy, you will get access to several such great movies & web series streaming on the platform. To buy the Amazon Prime membership on stream Beautiful Boy follow these steps:

  • Go to the Amazon Prime online website.
  • Tap on the signup option to start the registration process.
  • Now it will ask you for some details, which you must fill out accordingly and reach the payment page.
  • Amazon Prime offers you several payment options. The monthly subscription to Amazon Prime will cost you around $12.99 with a 30 days free trial. It is up to you which package you buy because you can stream Beautiful Boy on every pack.
  • Once you are done with payment, you have successfully made your account on the OTT platform. Know that all you have to do is to download the app on your device or stream the movie on your television.

Where To Watch Beautiful Boy

As we already discussed, many ways to watch Beautiful Boy online exist. The second option that you have in front of you is purchasing the movie from various digital media platforms that are selling it. The digital media selling & giving out Beautiful Boy on rent are:

  • BBC iPlayer
  • Appel Tv
  • Google Play Store
  • Youtube
  • Microsoft
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All these platforms sell the movie at a low rate of around 3 dollars. This is not a fixed price. The price fluctuates according to the rules of the digital platforms.

Unauthorized Way to Watch the Movie

Many illegal websites allow you to stream this movie and many other newly released movies for free. However, such illegal websites are hard to find & do not value the creators. They are taking a subscription to help such creators make more great movies. The subscription for various OTT platforms is minimal & budget-friendly, so you don’t have to spend much money to watch your different films.

If you are wondering where to watch beautiful boy for free, then you can try the sites like & these sites will help you stream movies like Beautiful Boy for absolutely free however, due to their illegal nature, they get down quickly.

Where To Watch Beautiful Boy


Now you must know where to watch beautiful boy on the Internet. Such heart-warming movies are just like giving a great treat to yourself. Streaming these movies will take little effort; you only need a subscription to Amazon Prime. With this OTT platform, you can watch Beautiful Boy & more great films & web series. If you don’t want a subscription, you can buy or rent the movie at a cheaper rate. If you are looking to watch this movie for free, there are several options on websites that will allow you to do so. In any way, this movie is worth watching. It will give you a great insight into how to nurture family relations.

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