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Brad Pitt Net Worth:10 Facts that would surprise you about him!



brad pitt net worth

Brad Pitt is among the most celebrities known for cutting-edge films. Apart from that, he is an award-winning film star and producer who is famous worldwide. Among the highest-paid entertainers, Brad Pitt net worth for the year 2020 is notably impressive. 

He has an earning on a constant of $20 million every year on significant motion cinemas releases. He has also been the nominee for numerous Academy Awards. Moreover, he was awarded one as a producer in 2014 for the movie 12 Years A Slave. 

Brad Pitt Net Worth

brad pitt net worth

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When it comes to the source(s) of income of Brad Pitt, the primary is from his acting projects. At the same time, another is from his production company. Incorporated in 2001, Plan B Entertainment has produced a dozen successful movies like Troy, The Departed, etc. As of 2020, Brad Pitt net worth is $300 million. He has been on the list of highest-paid actors by Forbes’ quite a few times. 

Brad Pitt net worth from acting and production

brad pitt net worth

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William Bradley Pitt found his role in a film as a background actor in Hunk. However, after several minor roles and appearances as a guest, he got his first role as a supporting actor in Thelma & Louise. Afterward, he acted as the protagonist in A River Runs Through It. In addition to that, the film acquired an Academy-Award in 1992. In 1995, he got a tremendous amount of praise for the crime drama movie Seven. The movie was a huge success. Additionally, it earned $327 million worldwide. While his next, 12 Monkeys, was nominee Golden Globe as well as Academy Award. 

The earnings of Brad in 1991, from Thelma & Louise, was just $6000. while just after two years, he got $5 lacs for Kalifornia. Two years later, he earned $4 million for his Seven. Then the pay raised to $10 million(for Sleepers). The base of Brad’s salary rose to $17.5 million by the year 1991. Moreover, Brad’s career as a producer has earned more than what he did being an actor. 

Brad Pitt Net worth after establishment of real estate

Brad Pitt also owns a real estate business worth almost $100 million. His primarily considered home in LA, he had bought in installments through years, has four houses spread across 2 acres. 

In 2000, he bought an island in Santa Barbara, which was worth $4 million, while gained a manor in French Quarters, which has a value of $3.5 million. Additionally, in 2008 he and Angelina Jolie spent around $67 million on a winery spread in 1,200 acres south of France. After their divorce, they decided to inherit their six kids( a commixture of adopted and conceived ones). 

Ten unheard facts about him that would surprise you

Had a modest beginning

brad pitt net worth

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Do you know before gaining a career as a successful actor and being a producer what Brad Pitt did? He used to earn and finance himself by moving refrigerators. He also worked at “EL Pollo Loco,” dressing himself up as a giant chicken and even as a limo driver.

Not into murders and martyrdom

In a movie released in 2000 titled American Psycho, the role of the protagonist was initially offered to him. Although, on the advice of his management team, he refused to take the role. They were assuming that the idea of him being a psychotic killer would not be taken fondly by the fan base that he had built.

$325 to $300 million of Brad Pitt net worth.

Very few know that when Brad Pitt moved to LA, he had just $325 in his pockets. Though within a week, he landed his first job as an actor. So, you can imagine the efforts and hard work that Brad Pitt net worth has.

He takes delight in producing more than acting

Brad Pitt takes pleasure in making films more than acting in them. He likes being a part of the team that brings the story onboard rather than just working on the script and dialogues.

Dropped out of College graduation degree just two weeks before

Brad is a dropout from the University of Missouri and left the university when he was 22. he states that he was not ready to commit to jobs. Altogether two weeks before his graduation, it occurred to him that he can pursue his desired career. Brad Pitt liked the idea of film as a tool of teaching.

Owns a pilot’s license 

Yes, Brad Pitt has a pilot’s license for flying single-engine aircraft. Though the idea of getting it was of his ex-wife Angelina Jolie. he mentions that everyone has a different style when it comes to flying and that he likes details. Moreover, he says that Angelina Jolie is better than him when it comes to flying aircraft and more experienced. 

There is a ban on him from entering China

After starring in the movie 7 Years in Tibet; China banned him from setting foot in the country. This particular movie depicts the takeover of Tibet, which is a relatively known and controversial matter. 

Owned a gun at the age of 6

 Pitt became a gun owner when he was six years old. He got a shotgun, which was from his grandfather. Later he acknowledged that it is a rite in Missouri to inherit their ancestor’s gun. 

He broke his arm during a movie

At the time of shooting the Movie Seven, Brad broke his arm. Which eventually would have caused a delay in the shooting of the movie. Hence the director made the addition of the unfortunate injury to the script. 

Massive giveaway from Brad Pitt net worth

Brad Pitt is quite famous for his genuine humanitarian efforts as well. He is a dedicated philanthropist. Frequently, you can see him donating an extensive amount of his money to numerous charities worldwide. 


When it comes to actors renowned for their career as actors and are loved worldwide, Brad Pitt’s name comes on that list. Not only is he a great actor, but also a great personality. He is widely popular for his charities and philanthropy. Apart from all these, when you look at where he comes from to Brad Pitt net worth of the year 2020, i.e., $300 million. Then you might realize what he has made of his life, from a normal to a grand one. Brad Pitt’s net worth is not something that he built in a few days or weeks; it has taken years of effort, hard work, and consistency.

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