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Does it make sense to play the same lottery numbers all the time?



sense to play same lottery numbers

There are many different views on this, but it’s important to think about just what numbers you’re playing and whether they’re really going to give you a good chance at winning. After all, some numbers are going to be a little better than others. But mostly it’s going to be about the combination of numbers that you choose rather than any specific number that you decide to go with. You just need to think about whether you’re picking the right numbers to give you a fair chance.

What numbers do you play?

If you’re playing numbers that encompass the entire range of options and possibilities for the lottery game then you might be doing all right. You’ll at least be giving yourself a reasonable chance at winning each time you choose to play. But if you’re only choosing numbers that fall at one end of the range or the other you might be setting yourself up for trouble.
Choosing only small numbers or only large numbers or even only numbers in the middle is definitely not giving yourself a good chance. That’s because the chances are far better that a random selection of numbers from each of those categories is going to win. If you don’t have numbers from each section you’re setting yourself up for trouble.

Consistent odds

The truth is that buying the same lottery ticket every single time is not going to increase your odds of winning. It’s also not going to decrease your odds of winning. Each time that you buy a ticket it’s the same chance that it will win based on the number of possible combinations.
When you decide to buy the same ticket each time it’s not going to effect those odds. That means it’s really not going to hurt anything or hurt your chances for you to win on that ticket, at least, if you’re taking the opportunity to try out different ranges of numbers rather than just a subset of numbers.

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Enjoying the game

When it comes to playing the lottery the most important thing isn’t what ticket you buy or the numbers that you pick out. Instead, it’s about having some fun. After all, that’s why you chose to buy the ticket in the first place, right? You wanted to have fun and you wanted a chance at winning a good prize. So, you gave it a try to see what you could get.

With this type of gambling you’re going to have all of that and more. All you need to do is know where you can pick out the tickets that you want. If you’re interested in trying out online lottery you can do it right here. You just need to figure out which game you want to play and which numbers you’re going to choose. Does it make sense to play the same lottery numbers all the time.

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