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Learn About Dean Graziosi Investor and Motivational Speaker



Dean Graziosi is an entrepreneur renowned for making a significant difference in countless lives. With extensive knowledge in business and marketing, his contributions make him invaluable to many companies.

After graduating high school, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey by co-owning a collision shop with his father and working to repair and flip cars for profit. He found mentors with experience in real estate transactions, eventually closing on his first deal at age 20. But there’s so much more to learn about this rising star, so let’s get into it!

Real Estate Investor

Dean Graziosi is one of America’s premier real estate investors, but it wasn’t easy for him to achieve success. Born to middle-class parents who divorced when he was only three, Dean moved around 20 times before turning 19 years old.

His early life was full of trials (which I’ll get into later) yet he never gave up his dream of becoming a millionaire. Determined to change things for the better, he embarked on real estate investing as his means to reach his goal. From mistakes he learned valuable lessons while devising an effective plan to realize it.

Over time, he has published numerous books and infomercials designed to help individuals become financially independent. His first book, “The Millionaire Success Habits” (which you learn more about here) emphasizes the need for building strong foundations to propel your success and put in the effort needed to realize your goals. Graziosi is also known for supporting charitable initiatives by aiding numerous people in need.

Dean has invested in various real estate projects, including 380 housing units. His business has expanded with online courses and informational products covering different aspects of real estate investing and real estate management. Dean has spoken at various events and appeared on television programs.

He became famous through his infomercial, “Motor Millions,” which taught readers how to buy and sell cars profitably for 17 years – earning over $150 Million dollars in sales. He’s also written numerous books on real estate investment and financial independence, giving you the potential to earn the same!

Graziosi offers a new strategy for entering the business of flipping houses in these books. He provides an in-depth step-by-step guide that teaches how to find deals that maximize returns while also helping overcome fears or obstacles that prevent you from meeting your goals and create the appropriate mindset for achieving success in real estate investing.


Dean Graziosi is not only an accomplished entrepreneur and New York Times best-selling author; he also gives back to his community. He founded Team Graziosi, a foundation which assists those living with Lou Gehrig’s disease – an irreparably debilitating neurological disorder which affects muscle strength and movement – as well as providing products and services to viral non-profit organizations like Pencils of Promise. Dean has been featured on numerous media outlets like Howard Stern Youth Center and Tampa Bay Professional Convention & Trade Show.

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Graziosi’s path to success wasn’t easy. Born into an Italian immigrant family and raised in a low-income household, he worked tirelessly throughout his childhood to make ends meet and battle health challenges and debt – but never gave up; ultimately finding financial freedom through own businesses; creating several online courses for beginner investors as well as hosting a successful podcast series.

One of his most well-known products is his real estate investing course, for which he has written multiple books and appeared on numerous TV and radio programs. Graziosi owns JBB Enterprises which handles his investments; Dean Enterprises LLC produces infomercials and online courses;

Dean has also developed his own coaching program called Inner Circle that assists clients in reaching their desired results. He teaches them how to build wealth while mastering self-education techniques. Unlike many coaching programs, however, this one does not have a fixed time-frame; its members receive monthly live training from Dean himself.

Graziosi has invested in multiple companies and earned substantial returns through real estate and online business investments, TV appearances, and celebrity appearances. His earnings from these activities enabled him to purchase multiple properties as well as establish his own production company.


Dean Graziosi is one of America’s best-known and highly regarded entrepreneurial speakers, enrolling hundreds of thousands of students into his courses, selling millions of books worldwide and revolutionizing entire industries with his superior marketing and sales techniques. He’s an in-demand speaker sharing his success stories and strategies with people worldwide.

Dean, from humble beginnings, has achieved incredible success despite the challenges he has overcome and credits them for his achievements. While lacking college education and living with learning disability have presented obstacles along his journey, he has learned how to overcome them to his benefit – as evidenced by writing several books and hosting popular podcasts.

Graziosi has been in business for more than 25 years and amassed millions in the process. His strong focus on self-education has helped countless individuals achieve happiness, freedom and success through his books and courses – two even made it onto The New York Times Bestseller List.

He offers numerous courses to educate individuals on becoming successful investors and building wealth. Some of his classes (which you can learn about here – can be taken online; he also frequently appears as a guest on radio shows such as Fox 13 News in Tampa Bay.

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Dean is well known for his generous philanthropic efforts. He supports various charities and established the previously talked about foundation dedicated to Lou Gehrig’s disease which he often speaks on. Another effort, “Operation Free Home”, houses families for one year to help get their lives back in order.

As well as writing and developing courses, he has also done infomercials. Appearing on TV for over 17 years now and still making appearances today. His first infomercial was for Motor Millions’ car flipping program but since then has gone on to produce many others.

As well as book and online sales, he also boasts a significant following on TikTok where he posts regularly to this social platform and regularly uploads short videos of himself there. Recently he has hosted live events that have led to tremendous book and course sales.


He is an acclaimed entrepreneur who has made millions through multiple businesses. He is a bestselling author and motivational speaker whose success story has inspired countless individuals to follow their dreams and find happiness.

Dean attributes much of his success to his mother who taught him the value of hard work and resourcefulness through two jobs to provide for her son. At high school level Dean began selling cars himself at collision shops before transitioning into real estate investments to flip properties before finally creating his first infomercial that proved very successful and inspired many more products from him!

He remains humble despite being a multimillionaire, believing strongly in giving back to the community through philanthropy efforts such as Operation Free Home’s provision of homeless families with shelter for one year and Village Impact’s support in liberating children from human trafficking.

Graziosi has not only invested in real estate but has also established several other entrepreneurial endeavors, including writing several books and creating an online course on making money in real estate investment, while running an extremely popular podcast known as the Real Estate Show. He has developed infomercials which have produced considerable revenues.

Knowledge in marketing, education, business and weight loss has enabled him to become a successful entrepreneur. Utilizing his knowledge he uses it to assist others achieve their goals and live the lives they envision for themselves. He has written several bestselling books on personal development and mindset.

As an accomplished entrepreneur, he has established an expansive client and business partner base. He is known for helping others attain their goals and dreams; his business strategies offer people the tools necessary for success in any endeavor they undertake; while his marketing and sales techniques have allowed him to build a multi-million dollar empire while keeping his integrity intact.

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