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DevOps Practices for Successful Cloud Migration




There are many cases when you will end up focusing on migrating to the cloud, and that can be a very important part of the process. What you have to keep in mind is that using DevOps practices can help not only speed up the migration, but also ensure that everything is handled rightfully and the process doesn’t encounter any type of delays.

Create a plan and monitor the app performance

Ensuring that you use the right apps to migrate and planning beforehand is a very good idea. Of course, you will also need to create a backup beforehand. Having a backup for all your data is crucial, otherwise if you either lose or don’t upload data accidentally, it can get lost forever. Ensuring that you monitor the app performance and back up everything is a major part of the process.

Validating the cloud security

A good DevOps practice is to use automation tools that help check and validate cloud security. Migrating to the cloud is not only helpful, but it can help speed up many processes. However, it also comes with a certain degree of risks. You want to validate the cloud security before you start migrating any data, as that’s what will help eliminate any issues. Approach that accordingly, and it will definitely give you the value that you might be interested in. Click here for more

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Always ensure you have the right compliance

Audits can help identify any lack of compliance, and that will end up with penalties and other issues. What you want to do is to always focus on using tools that will help check and assess your compliance accordingly. These will help quite a bit, and the results you can obtain are nothing short of impressive in the end.

Identify the right KPIs to follow

The DevOps practice also encourages you to use KPIs in order to identify the best ways to track migration success. Cloud migration is a complex process, but when you break it into specific KPIs, that can help save a lot of time and it will eliminate any possible challenges that can sometimes arise.

Aside from that, you can also benchmark and optimize everything, and also codify monitoring workflows. Ensuring data portability and interoperability with automated tools is another DevOps tip that you can use, and it will give you the utmost results and a really good value in the long term, certainly a thing to consider for something like this.


We know that using the best DevOps practices for cloud migration can have an extremely positive impact on your business. It helps bring in an exceptional value, and you will appreciate the great return on investment. Not only that, but using DevOps practices for cloud migrations is safer, more convenient, and it arms your business with the power of automation. Using that will help save time, resources, while also offering your team the right ways to speed up this process and finalize it without any hassle.  

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